Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vegemite Is Better Than Marmite

Entering the stage in simple jeans and a t-shirt a man began introducing the audience to our next act, Beardyman. He was not dressed to impress and had a strong Australian accent so we assumed this was just one of the organisers. Then he started cracking jokes, he was fast, funny and soon enough the accent dropped. This was Beardyman and we were in for one hell of a ride.

Despite being a solo act, Beardyman aka Darren Foreman, dominated the audience and ensured everyone shut the hell up and gave him their full attention. It was pretty cool to watch this one man have such control over the audience. But then again anyone who rips on the English and starts chanting anything even remotely ‘aussie’ will be well received, even if it is just “Vegemite is better than marmite”.

Having twice won the world beat boxing championships Beardyman soon made is way in to homes world wide via YouTube. Famous for using live loops that sample his vocals this man is incredible to watch and when beat boxing he can even bust out two different sounds out once – no idea how he does what he does. From drum and bass beats to material that would lead you thinking this man is a professional comedian, Beardyman was an unexpected highlight of falls. And what’s more, this man could even sing (when he had to).

He is a taste of what this mind-blowing pom can do

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