Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Falls Day 1

One thing we did happen to notice yesterday is that Falls is definitely a camping festival. The camp site is HUGE especially in comparison to the actual festival site. There are even two extra camping areas down the road that need to be reach via bus. People just could not comprehend WHY we would stay in town, we were outcasts.   

Sadly we didn’t get to check out the oddities at the village but the second there is a gap in the music, we are there. And at 8.30 (as long as it doesn’t clash with any major acts) we will be entering the dance competition – ‘so you think you can interpretive dance’


 Yesterdays musical highlights were Jonathan Boulet, Marina & the Diamonds and Ladyhawke.

Our first act of the day was Last Dinosaurs, their musical ability was obvious only their on stage antics fell short. They are still quite fresh on the scene and I’m sure there is plenty of room to grow. Honolulu was a highlight as was the fact they dedicated their performance to their grandmothers.

Despite being so young, Boulet he has already mastered the art of entertaining the masses. Although this little Sydney lad is a jack of all trades (musically) and can play almost every instrument known to man, in yesterdays performance he chose to stick to the one which was a shame because I would have liked to have seen the versatility that made his album what it was.  

Marina Lambrini Diamandis aka Marina & the Diamonds was a showstopper and had great onstage presence. We half expected her to be more delicate and reserved but she was the polar opposite, colourfully animated and really put on a great show. 

Sultans performance packed out by the time Fear of Flying dropped and the natural amphitheatre soon filled with eager anticipation for Ladyhawke. It seemed as though everyone had returned from their tents to catch with Kiwi’s performance. Opening with Magic, Ladyhawke treated her fans will all the hits and put on a stellar set. And on stage with that guitar we can safely say she looked pretty damn sexy too. 


What did we say before.... we didn't predict the bongos though

Falls Fashion

Falls Fashion saw some pretty standard outfit choices by festival punters. Thankfully wifebeaters were at a minimum as were the questionable tattoos that are all too regular at Sydney festivals. With a solid 4 days of sun on the cards, we also missed the token gumboot and mini shorts get up.

Locals and people who have attended this shindig before came prepared. Night time temps dropped to 7 degrees and we were well under-dressed. 

Honorable mention to Marina from Marina & the Diamonds for her sick on stage attire.  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stash it…..

Festival prices are getting steeper and steeper and one of the well known questions is being asked… How do you sneak drinks into a festival? Well boys and girls follow our step by step guide and you will be drunk with money to spare before you know it.

Step 1

Purchase a roll of tape (we recommend electrical tape, cost: about $3.00 per pack)

Step 2

Select your favorite color (a word to the wise the cool kids match the tape to their outfits)

Step 3

Empty your water bottle (note: do not pour down sink, its important to stay hydrated before a music festival-so drink up)

Step 4

Fill with Vodka or any other alcoholic beverage of your choice 

Step 5

With the lid off squeeze out excess air so the bottle becomes as flat as possible 

Step 6

Put the lid back on

Step 7
Tape to your body (any silverback gorilla’s reading, it’s time to pull out the razor) 

Step 8

Walk past security guards (throw in a cheeky wink)

Step 9

Find a port a loo and get ready to scream your lungs out (yes electrical tape hurts)

Step 10

Laugh merrily as you walk past bar lines

Day 1 Top Picks

Not sure how the kids at the festival site coped last night but we FROZE! Aside from trying to tune our Rowan’s snoring we are both well rested and looking forward to day 1. 

Only the Village stage is open today and from 1.20 to 10.30 we will not budge from our vantage. Last Dinosaurs, Sally Seltmann, Tim and Jean, Mr Boulet, Marina and the Diamonds, The Cool Kids, Dan Sultan followed by Ladyhawke – all essentials on my list. After that we can finally chill during The Living End (meh) before gearing up again for Peaches DJ Set. Despite being average at Berlin Festival we are still keen to give the Canadian Lass another crack.

My top three picks for the day:

Last Dinosaurs – not a massive act but I have been in love with this Brisbane four piece since hearing the blissful sounds of Honolulu earlier this year

Marina & the Diamonds – Marina’s vocal ability is simply stunning and word on the street is she puts on one hella performance

Dan Sultan - What can I say, he really is a black Elvis

Ra’s top three picks for the day

Tim and Jean – have been curious about the these Perth youngsters since the blogging world went in to a frenzy and sparked this hype

Ladyhawke – I just like her music, it’s a no brainer!

Sally Seltmann – Apparently she is incredible live

Aside from the line up we are going to be checking out the shenanigans occurring in the village. We are mostly curious about ‘Y front decorating’ – where exactly is the Y? Can we enter ‘the gherkin games’? Will this involve an actual gherkin? (I forgot to bring mine); who is Gerard and why is he giving haircuts at the village?

Sydney to Lorne

Collaroy airport transfer to Sydney Airport

As much as I have whinged about all the flights this year there has been one major benefit. Frequent flyer points!!! I have now racked up enough points to become a silver member with V which means no more freaking lines (yes they are MASSIVE during Xmas holidays) and access to V Lounge offering free food, booze and entertainment. Sadly we were there too early and didn’t get to start the trip with a champagne orange. (Bar opens at 11- future reference for all you piss heads) The entertainment highlights were the old skool arcade games; I ruled Frogger and Mrs. Pacman while Ra schooled me at Donkey Kong.

Flight to Melbourne
Shuttle to Southern Cross Station

Train to Geelong

Bus to Lorne

Considering this was a bus heading straight to Lorne, it was filled with surprisingly quiet punters. The loudest activity consisted of Brisbane lads playing an intense game of Eye Spy. Scenery and winding roads kept conversations at bay and it wasn’t until our 1 hr and 15 minute drive hit the hectic traffic that people began to pipe up. Leaving Geelong, rumours started that the drive was going to take 3 hours along the one road into Lorne. Turns out it took just over two.

The Coachman Inn-Lorne

We arrived at our hotel, did the all important shopping and headed to the local pub where we had dinner, vino and watched the last few festival goers struggle into town. They were easy to pick: full cars, loud music and that one kid who insists on bringing an acoustic guitar, yet never knows how to play it.



After some intense festival withdrawals I am finally about to get my next hit - Falls Festival Lorne, Victoria.

We have arrived at our Motel in Lorne, only this time by ‘we’ I don’t mean stereodan and I. NO! I mean Rowan and I. Who is Rowan??? Well our lovely friends at Virgin Blue have been kind enough to throw in an extra ticket for me to bring a friend along so Rowan is my trusty companion who will keep the tweets squawking, the blogs blogging and all the content flowing your way thick and fast. (Well, minus the photos for a few days because as the retard I am I managed to forget my camera’s USB. But sit tight they will be on their way along with some videos)

For now allow me to introduce Rowan:

Name: Rowan Montgomery
Age: 22
Occupation: student 
What artists/bands are you most looking forward to at falls? The Jezebels, Cloud Control, Tame Impala, Sleigh Bells
On this trip I will….Get a new tattoo, Kiss at least three people on New Years Eve and watch Bec sustain at least four drunken injuries
2010 musical highlight: Playground Weekender  
2011 superstar prediction: Cloud Control
Best or worst New Years Eve memory: Worst: Shotting Tequila in the middle of the bush and being forced into a karaoke rendition of Skater Boy by Avril Lavine with my ex boyfriend. 
My Festival Tip…. Try not to light up in the mosh pit, cigarette burns hurt.