Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sydney to Lorne

Collaroy airport transfer to Sydney Airport

As much as I have whinged about all the flights this year there has been one major benefit. Frequent flyer points!!! I have now racked up enough points to become a silver member with V which means no more freaking lines (yes they are MASSIVE during Xmas holidays) and access to V Lounge offering free food, booze and entertainment. Sadly we were there too early and didn’t get to start the trip with a champagne orange. (Bar opens at 11- future reference for all you piss heads) The entertainment highlights were the old skool arcade games; I ruled Frogger and Mrs. Pacman while Ra schooled me at Donkey Kong.

Flight to Melbourne
Shuttle to Southern Cross Station

Train to Geelong

Bus to Lorne

Considering this was a bus heading straight to Lorne, it was filled with surprisingly quiet punters. The loudest activity consisted of Brisbane lads playing an intense game of Eye Spy. Scenery and winding roads kept conversations at bay and it wasn’t until our 1 hr and 15 minute drive hit the hectic traffic that people began to pipe up. Leaving Geelong, rumours started that the drive was going to take 3 hours along the one road into Lorne. Turns out it took just over two.

The Coachman Inn-Lorne

We arrived at our hotel, did the all important shopping and headed to the local pub where we had dinner, vino and watched the last few festival goers struggle into town. They were easy to pick: full cars, loud music and that one kid who insists on bringing an acoustic guitar, yet never knows how to play it.


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