Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stash it…..

Festival prices are getting steeper and steeper and one of the well known questions is being asked… How do you sneak drinks into a festival? Well boys and girls follow our step by step guide and you will be drunk with money to spare before you know it.

Step 1

Purchase a roll of tape (we recommend electrical tape, cost: about $3.00 per pack)

Step 2

Select your favorite color (a word to the wise the cool kids match the tape to their outfits)

Step 3

Empty your water bottle (note: do not pour down sink, its important to stay hydrated before a music festival-so drink up)

Step 4

Fill with Vodka or any other alcoholic beverage of your choice 

Step 5

With the lid off squeeze out excess air so the bottle becomes as flat as possible 

Step 6

Put the lid back on

Step 7
Tape to your body (any silverback gorilla’s reading, it’s time to pull out the razor) 

Step 8

Walk past security guards (throw in a cheeky wink)

Step 9

Find a port a loo and get ready to scream your lungs out (yes electrical tape hurts)

Step 10

Laugh merrily as you walk past bar lines

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