Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Falls Day 1

One thing we did happen to notice yesterday is that Falls is definitely a camping festival. The camp site is HUGE especially in comparison to the actual festival site. There are even two extra camping areas down the road that need to be reach via bus. People just could not comprehend WHY we would stay in town, we were outcasts.   

Sadly we didn’t get to check out the oddities at the village but the second there is a gap in the music, we are there. And at 8.30 (as long as it doesn’t clash with any major acts) we will be entering the dance competition – ‘so you think you can interpretive dance’


 Yesterdays musical highlights were Jonathan Boulet, Marina & the Diamonds and Ladyhawke.

Our first act of the day was Last Dinosaurs, their musical ability was obvious only their on stage antics fell short. They are still quite fresh on the scene and I’m sure there is plenty of room to grow. Honolulu was a highlight as was the fact they dedicated their performance to their grandmothers.

Despite being so young, Boulet he has already mastered the art of entertaining the masses. Although this little Sydney lad is a jack of all trades (musically) and can play almost every instrument known to man, in yesterdays performance he chose to stick to the one which was a shame because I would have liked to have seen the versatility that made his album what it was.  

Marina Lambrini Diamandis aka Marina & the Diamonds was a showstopper and had great onstage presence. We half expected her to be more delicate and reserved but she was the polar opposite, colourfully animated and really put on a great show. 

Sultans performance packed out by the time Fear of Flying dropped and the natural amphitheatre soon filled with eager anticipation for Ladyhawke. It seemed as though everyone had returned from their tents to catch with Kiwi’s performance. Opening with Magic, Ladyhawke treated her fans will all the hits and put on a stellar set. And on stage with that guitar we can safely say she looked pretty damn sexy too. 

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