Friday, May 14, 2010

Xavier Rudd (by StereoDan)

Tonight I had the chance to enjoy the cool vibes of Xavier Rudd performing live at the Enmore Theatre here in Sydney. The band have just one more gig in Australia (30th of April @ the Palace Theatre in Melbourne) before jetting off on a massive gigging tour of Canada, Europe and the States. 

Kicking the night off with an errie chant-like sequence the band quickly got stuck into their set with a collection of high energy songs. 

Musically I was loving their down tempo grooves and funky blues slide guitar! There was a moment where I thought they were going to break into a Sinfieldcover but it was all good. 

Their sound has a nice mixture of instrumentation and raw emotional energy. They really got the crowd moving and dancing in ways which completely disobey the laws of gravity and physics! :)

If you haven't heard them before check them out online as they've got some great tracks for you to enjoy! Here is a brief snippet of their live performance from tonight:

[Photos and blog by Daniel "StereoDan" Taylor ]

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