Monday, May 3, 2010

Burning Man Australia

The rumors are true! Burning Man has come to our shores.... 

Not exactly sure how it will be in comparison to the original that takes place in Black Rock Desert, Nevada but if your around for the June long weekend then this is a must. 

The concept behind this event is pretty unique as thousands of people gather in the Desert and create a community that celebrates art and self-expression. People are invited to create their own themed camps or villages to enhance the atmosphere and the experience for all involved. 

The event started back in 1986 near San Francisco and was originally a beach party. There are heaps of stories going around about WHY a 8ft high figure of a man was ignited but this has become the icon of and name behind the famous event. Today the figure of the man that is set alight has even reached 4 stories. 

The original Burning Man is top of my list of festivals I want to go too and check out this vid to see why

For information on the Australian Seed check it out here!

I would love to hear how this event goes! My World Tour please add this festival to your list for next years winners!!


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