Thursday, May 13, 2010

My World Tour Interviews... continued! (by StereoDan)

So just a quick post to let you know about two exciting interviews which have been quietly posted to our MyWorldTour channel on YouTube. If you're not already a subscriber then CHECK IT OUT NOW to see what your missing out on and keep up to date with the latest content! 

First up is an exclusive video interview (including live performance snippets) with the amazingly talented Newton Faulkner. We hear all about how he developed his specalised finger tapping technique and has applied it to his recent musical compositions and covers.

Additionally Newton lets slip about his upcoming tour plans and what his mum really thinks about those amazing dreadlocks! Apart from being such a nice fella we most importantly learned not to take him on in a LIMBO CHALLENGE!!  If you fancy watching all the malarchy check out the full interview video below... 

Next up in the spotlight is famed guitarist/songwriter/busker/Grammy nominated artist and actor Glen Hansard! Currently performing with The Swell Season he gives StereoDan a few tips on street performing and explains the reasons behind why he became dedicated to music and performance.

Watching this video you get a real understanding of how his down to earth personality has contributed to his success in the industry and why he has such a strong connection with audiences worldwide. The road may be a cruel mistress Glen but how thankful we are that you've chosen to dedicate yourself as a touring performer!

If you ever get the chance don't hesitate to see Glen or the Swell Season perform live! If you can't wait then grab a sneak peak below...


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