Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Holidays

Sydney indie four piece The Joysticks officially kicked off the Holidays Golden Sky single tour. Playing to a very empty crowed at the Oxford Art Factory their set was less than impressive. As people slowly trickled in out of the cold there was a better turn out for the second support band Ernest Ellis who were awesome and will be Joining the Holidays for the rest of their tour.

By the time Sydney darlings The Holidays took to the stage the room was filled. Since starting back in 2006 with a bass player who had no idea how to play, the quartet have evolved in to something very impressive. Two EP’s down and a host of international and local support slots including Ben Kweller, The Wombats, Jamie T and Lightspeed Champion, The Holidays have finally committed to a much anticipated full length album that will be out in August.

Moonlight Hours was the killer first single off their debut album followed by Golden Sky, which last nights performance was in aid of. Going off these two tracks we can expect big things from the rest of the album, recorded and produced by the guys and mixed by Tony Espie (Midnight Juggernauts).

They have evolved from their simpler indie past to something much more colourful and musically complex. Last nights gig delivered an energetic performance from the band that was heavy with vocal melodies and upbeat rhythms. With a stronger pop sensibility than their earlier material this new album will appeal to mainstream and should ensure big things for the Holidays. Dense with layers that showcase the groups growing technical ability their performance was faultless. Filled with “summer vibes, electropical dance numbers & mellow, breezy melodies” the Holidays always ensure a wicked set so try get along to one of their gigs sometime. Check out their website for details.


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