Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Earls Court

Dan and I are getting very spoilt on this trip. Not only do we have a wicked pad in Earls Court at the Ibis…

With a view of cute little English houses from my window

and even a phone next to the toilet but strangely no mini bar (Universal cleverly booked this place for that very reason)

…but we have just been told our tents at the festival fell through and we would have to stay in a hotel. Damn!
Sometimes it’s a tough call whether to camp or go the luxury Rd at a music festival. Camping has all the night time shenanigans and you become part of a wicked little community for three or so days but accommodation has a real bed, a legitimate shower and a place to lock up our camera’s and laptops. Besides we have plenty of camping ahead…

Other great news from the home front is confirmations about who we are interviewing both at the festival and during our stay after in London. so The next few days will be researching and preparing…

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