Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Meeting with Vanessa Amorosi

While we were in the UK for Latitude festival we got the amazing opportunity to meet up with Australia singer/songwriter Vanessa Amorosi in London. Recently she has been busy not only juggling music and video recordings in Los Angeles but also performing across the United Kingdom for the past three months. 2011 will most likely see her spending even more time in the UK as she promotes her forthcoming singles and maybe even an album release?

When asked about her future plans:

"There are so many plans. I'm definitely going to be having a lot of new tracks for Australia for Christmas time, which is very exciting and I'm pushing it a little bit harder in the direction that I think is me. And of course I have a new single coming out in August in Australia called Holiday"

Currently there is a competition being run by Universal Music Australia where you can go in the running to win a deluxe trip to Hawaii simply by texting an SMS to 1992 2844 to pickup her new single HOLIDAY. I think we could all use a nice beach-relaxing holiday and included is a bonus dance mix of the track ... what a worthy investment and check out Vanessa's website for more details!

So far her live performances of the recent album "Hazardous" have been received rave reviews from audiences. In particular her current single "This is who I am" and side track "Mr. Mysterious" having been going down a treat with UK audiences. Another highlight off her current album is the track "Show me how to love" which features her amazingly beautiful melody and soaring voice.

When asked about where she got her talent from she replied:

"I think I was a really shy kid, and I had a lot of personal demons and that's where it came from. I sang to make myself feel good, and it was just really high and aggressive. It's sort of gone from there, it's been something that I do to keep myself sane."

As for her current album "Hazardous" she wanted to communicate through her music some of the life experiences that previously she has kept secret from the public. Her very revealing album was predominately created in conjunction with Swedish producer Machopsycho in Gothenburg with additional tracks produced by Matthew Gerrard in Los Angeles. Mixing duties were bestowed upon Chris Lord who has brought together these collections of diverse tracks in a very tight unified way.

When looking for songwriting and music producing partners Vanessa described her approach saying:

"I was looking for a chemistry, I had a really distinctive sound that I wanted to go for. There were things that I wanted to talk about to my fans. It really just took a long time to find the people that I was able to open up with and explain the sound and have an understanding of what I was hearing to what they heard."

Special thanks to Vanessa Amorosi for meeting with us!
Filmed as part of Universal Music Australia's "My World Tour"
All music and videos used with kind permission of Universal Music Australia (c) 2009.

Made possible by the kind sponsorship of: VAustralia, Blackberry, Lastminute.com.au and Mossimo

Video filmed, edited and produced by Daniel "StereoDan" Taylor
Camera assistance by Bec Clark

Post by Daniel "StereoDan" Taylor

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