Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The London Sights

London is a place of incredible history and diversity. We think we are a cultural melting pot but no where in Australia have I seen or experienced anything quite like this.

Post Latitude I spent an extra seven days in London exploring and catching up with friends. Yes, some days were dedicated to interviews for both myself and Dan, but the rest, all mine. I have been to London once before so this time around I didn’t to the whole touristy thing. No Big Ben, no London Eye and no Buckingham Palace. This time I explored the people of London

Dan and I stayed in a little hotel in Earls Court which is a nice area, very central and seemingly safe. Later to find out that the place we were staying had an armed robbery the week prior. But lighting rarely strikes twice so we would be fine.  Making my way around the city was easy, I have mastered the Tube and was pleased to discover that once you spent 5 pound on trips in a day, the rest of your travel for that day is free. Sydney really needs to invest in a system akin the Oyster – a microchip card that you can top up almost anywhere then simply hold over a censor to travel. Its fast and easy.

From the fast pace of Oxford St with it’s frantic host of department stores and mindless shoppers, to the quant river side pubs in Richmond, this trip was an entirely different experience.

Richmond Bridge over the river Thames.

Tuesday night was a trip to Camden Town to watch a friend sing at bar. Although most of the market stalls were closing or had already closed as I meandered though the unique streets of this eccentric town I quickly fell it love with what it had to offer - culture, creativity and attitude. Intrigued, I went again the following day to really see the sights….

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