Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fuji Rock 101

After a 14 hour train ride, 8 local japanese trains, 6 consecutive stops at 6 different ¥100 stores (for camping and other festival necessities) I have finally arrived at Naeba ski resort (which can be done if your wiser in 2 hours with the Shinkansen bullet train Osaka to Naeba direct!).

However, at this time of year there is not a ski or drop of snow in sight, but 100 000 eager (and remarkably polite) festival goers warming up for the Fuji Rock Festival 2010. With Japanese characters high and low, a 'Field of Heaven' set up on the mountain, and a 'Gypsy Avalon' placed in the skies above (literally one of the stages only reached by a cable car) this is one of the world's most unique music festivals.

Tonight the guests of Fuji Rock were buttered up by the famous Fuji Rock Gan Ban Dj's who were celebrating tonight's warm up in style with banging electro beats from the early evening to long after the sun had set for sleep. Tonight's teaser for the following three day installment has truly left me galvanized.

- Adam

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