Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frightened Rabbit Down Under (Presented by StereoDan)

StereoDan catches up with lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Scott Hutchinson from "Frightened Rabbit" to chat about the band's music and recent tour to Australia.

This is Frightened Rabbit's third time down under, and they've noticed a growing audience in attendance at their live performances each time. Despite playing an early time slot Sunday morning at Splendour in the Grass Festival they managed to pull people out of their sleeping bags and down to main stage for their performance.

When asked about his lyrics Scott explained that he tries "to pack as many layers into each line as much as possible so that there's not just one potential meaning." With only a brief amount of time to say something he makes each word count. In his own words "Everything counts towards the bigger picture, but it's made of all these small detail parts and hopefully that unfolds as the listener sticks with it."

Listening to the band's music there is certainly a sense of honesty and sincerity that can only be achieved when writing from the heart. Scott explains that he never really censors himself while composing music and that "people can tell immediately if you're being honest or if you're just talking shit." Despite the confrontational themes in the music live performance is actually a rewarding experience as he gets "a sense of total joy... people are really taking these songs into their own lives, and their getting something from it. It's really about them now and not me when we play it live."

Special thanks to Scott Hutchison and the band "Frightened Rabbit." Live performance by Frightened Rabbit filmed at The Factory in Sydney (3 Aug 2010). Media production by Daniel Taylor

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