Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meeting at the iconic Proud Gallery in Camden, London, StereoDan met up with English solo singer/songwriter/pianist Benjamin Bloom. Having previously played in signed bands Ben has now decided to focus on his own original music composition and live performance by embarking on a unique solo project.

Despite being just one man he creates a thick texture of sound blending produced electronic beats and music with his own live piano performance and lead vocals. Having recently purchased some recording equipment these are the first results of his "Osmosis songwriting" process. In his own words:

"You put some piano in, and you don't like it, you change it, and then all of a sudden a keyboard idea comes in. You put the keyboard line in, delete the piano idea, do the drums against the keyboard line. You put the new piano line in, you sing a vocal, the vocal then changes all the other parts. Then you just keep developing it.... over time a song gets formed"

Described as "Electro Cabaret" by one reviewer his weird and wonderful approach to composition has contributed to a very distinctive quirky style in his music. Thanks to Ben's classical piano training and diverse musical influences he music has evolved into what he describes as "Melodramatic Popular Music."

For more information please check out his: Myspace, Facebook or YouTube .

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