Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday Night Riots

 Just a bit of footage from the final night at Leeds Festival. We had been warned about the Sunday night riots...

People lighting tents on fire, blowing up aerosol cans in the flames, ripping down other peoples tents (final bit of footage in the vid below, little hard to see) and just destroying everything in sight! A guy I met on the ride back to London who told me of a tent being set alight last year with someone still inside!

The first bit of footage is the only the start, it was still day light and things had already been burnt to the ground 

It was hectic and I have to say also a little scary at times. Walking around with my new camera around my neck a number of people even said to me they were surprised I lasted the whole night with that thing and hadn't been mugged for it.... shiiiiit

We even witnessed metal bins getting launched down massive hills, one of which hit some chick in the head. Our friends went to get medics because for the first 5 minutes she lay on the ground hardly moving. We think she was alright shortly after....


The Aftermath

Bec Clark

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