Friday, August 20, 2010

London Day 1

Sight seeing in London…Yeah OK so I cheated, took the easy way out and jumped on one of those open top bus tours, but at least I can say I have seen the main attractions. I know where everything is and I can use the rest of my time hear seeing and doing what I want to do. No more of that nagging obligation to see something just because it’s famous.

The bus tours are a pretty neat way of doing things. You pre pay for your ticket that cost 25pound, lasts for 24hrs and allows you to hop and off at any of the designated stops. You can see as much or as little as you like. With six different routes, some offering much more than others, it takes the better part of a day to get though everything. If you decide to get off and meander around for yourself, you’re looking and a really loooong day.

My day looked a little like this:

Marble Arch – Oxford St – Regent St – Piccadilly Circus and Eros Statue – Trafalgar Square – Big Ben – Houses of Parliament – London Eye – Justice Courts – St Pauls Cathedral –The Monument – London Bridge – HMAS Belfast – Tower Bridge – Tower of London – The Globe – Westminster Pier – Westminster Abbey – Buckingham Palace.

Change Routes

British Museum (were I got off, looked around and was lucky enough to see the Rosetta Stone – a ancient Egyptian slab of granite that pretty much became the key to interpreting ancient Hieroglyphics) – Albert Hall – Albert Memorial – Natural History Museum – Victoria and Albert Museum (had a look around again. Some works of Raphael including Christs Charge to Peter *below*...

...a Grace Kelly and fashion exhibition and a really schweeet modern design and style exhibition) – walk to Harrods for some shopping and ate lunch in their spectacular food halls – stroll through Hyde park – dinner with friends.

post by Bec Clark

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