Friday, April 23, 2010


Being a music and arts festival you can expect there are going to be a heap of awesome installations to keep you enthralled between acts.....

Cubatron L5 - designed by a dude by the name of Mark Lottor.  This trippy work of art is comprised of about 5000 LED lights that change colour to produce some amazing patterns and visual effects. Pretty much like the one at BDO in 2008.

Skyline - Illuminated chains of balloons filled with helium that could be spotted from all over the festival.

Land Sharks! - These little creatures were sick. Two neon sharks names "Betty" and "Sparky that roamed the festival at night. They were only 4feet long and could go up to about 40km/h.

Ascension - The giant origami crane that could be seen from just about anywhere on site. Representing hope, awareness and understanding the sculpture lit up an array of different colours through out the night. 

Metamorphosis - This was a glass and mirror wheel that when you stand in front of it and someone stands in the same position on the other side you appear to morph together as the wheel spins. 


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