Friday, April 23, 2010

Coachella Day 3 Review

Yet another late start to the festival thanks to Dan and his disappearing act but thankfully I made it in time for Julian Casablancas! Surely you’re up to speed on the solo career of The Strokes frontman. Speaking of which they are touring in July – hope you got your tickets.  I missed out so was stoked that he did at least play Hard To Explain.

Yes, he’s going to hell in a leather jacket! Well at least with the scorching desert heat and thick air in the Mojave stage it would have felt like he was already there. Less rock and more synth pop Casablancas played Out Of The Blue and 11th Dimension before slowing the tempo for the latter half of his set. Trying to get as close to the stage as possible was an epic fail, American audiences do not budge when you ask politely to move to the gap in front of them. 

I have to say I was pretty unimpressed when Casablancas closed with I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Spoooooon! (remind anyone else of that kids cartoon The Tick?) but seriously, American indie rock four piece were one of my weekend highlights. Despite coming out in a cowboy hat Britt Daniel quickly redeemed himself with a phenomenal performance that was perfectly suited to its late afternoon time slot.

The French are good for a few things, one of which being their recent musical export Phoenix. Opening with Lisztomania these guys filled the audience as far as they eye could see. With a set list that featured the best of their four album back catalogue their set was highly energetic and "all about the music". With their lighting guy stuck elsewhere (thanks again volcano) Phoenix proved that you don't need wicked lighting rigs to put on a good show.

Run Run Run, Rome, Lasso, Long Distance and Consolation Prizes were among the many being played with 1901 featuring as the final track. 

Heading to Little Boots (albeit against my will) I was pretty surprised looking around at the rest of the audience at the Gobi stage. I'm going to liken Victoria Hesketh to a contemporary Kylie Monogue. Adding a over the top lazer show to the mix, which would have been just as effective if she lent half to Phoenix (not that they needed it), Little Boots was scarcely clad, sparkly and seemed to draw in a large number of flamboyant males.

Missed some huge electronic beats coming from the Sahara tent where the recently regrouped brothers from Orbital seemed to be ripping up a storm. Having seen them before I was content to miss them in exchange for a good spot for Thom Yorke! (This needs its own blog) 


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