Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I've Learnt While In The States for Coachella

  1. Don't eat an apple coming off the plane thinking you will find a bin before customs. You WILL get held up at customs and it WILL takes ages.
  2. Yanks will add sugar and/or cream to almost anything
  3. Remember where the car is parked
  4. Coachella Valley police department is closed on Sundays
  5. Thom York is MVP
  6. Danny DeVito is way awesome
  7. Americans don't respond well to people trying to get closer to the stage at a festival
  8. Get your merch day one or you will end up with XXL
  9. Dave has an awesome pad worth $20 million and if your lucky he will show you pics off his phone
  10. Australian slang can get you in awkward situations or see you ordering the wrong thing at restaurants 

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