Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sydney to Byron Bay

My World Tour has officially kicked off for us and so far
has been an interesting adventure! The addition of Bluesfest
was a last minute surprise and we were excited to be heading
up to Byron (yep, it’s moved to a bigger and better venue).

Dan and I had no accommodation booked and a few other
details still sketchy. After arriving Wednesday afternoon in
Ballina we were handed the keys to a camper van! Better
than wicked camper but not as high rolling as a Winnebago.
With out power, water or a legitimate camping site our
first night was very interesting.

To avoid getting parking fines of between $150 and $300
we parked in what we thought was quiet residential area
only be woken up at some ridiculous hour by about 30
kids (and their parents!) assembling next to our camper
waiting for the Thursday morning school bus! Or dinning
table converted in to a double for Dan while I took the
upper bunk. Perfect size for a 6 year old... so I had to keep
reminding myself not to sit up. Found that of the hard way!


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