Monday, April 12, 2010


Meet Grant.....welcome to his chill out zone - a tepee made out of wooden poles,  an old parachute and decorated with draping material, rugs, throw pillows and hanging candles. The best part about Grant's little sanctuary was the fact that he had supplied red wine, chocolate and a hookah (or shisha depending on what you want to call it) with strawberry tobacco for anyone who wanted to drop in.
It's Sunday morning and I found my self amongst a few other strays at Grants tepee.

"Do you know what this needs?...... Some bread!.... I'm going to bake us some bread"

WTF. Were at a camping festival and its 4am... where the hell is he going to find the ingredient and/or tools to do this? 15 minutes later he appears with a fresh loaf of bread complete with margarine, jam and honey. I have to admit, it was a damn good loaf of bread too.

For such a chilled out guy you should have seen his response to someone getting jam in the margarine.


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