Saturday, April 24, 2010

Everything In Its Right Place

So it felt as the headlining act of the Outdoor Theater Thom Yorke took to the stage on Sunday at Coachella. The crowd was massive and like I've said before pushing past Americans doesn't fly so I ended up in a terrible position.

While being down the front would have been amazing you could feel the raw power of this set from wherever you stood - Yorke was absolutely chilling to watch. Playing songs mostly off his 2006 solo album The Eraser we also caught a few Radiohead songs which included Everything in its Right Place and an acoustic rendition of Airbag.

Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist Flea joined Yorke on stage giving us a privileged glimpse of their new super-group Atoms for Peace. Forming back in 2009 the group consists of Yorke, Flea, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker (who has played with the likes of Beck and REM) and finally Mauro Refosco.

The set ranged from dreamy numbers that enveloped you with Yorke's remarkable voice to more upbeat electronic and percussive tracks in which Flea's signature base lines could be clearly heard. With quirky dance maneuvers that consisted of  robot-esque twitches and funky side hops Yorke was entirely captivating and we were reminded of his utter charm when he replied "I love you too" the lucky punter who expressed her affection for him.

Finally, singing over his own looped falsetto vocals, Yorke's encore was a solo affair that was absolutely stunning! 

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