Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally a chance to blog (by StereoDan)

Firstly apologies for my lack of blogging since returning back from the Byron Bay "BluesFest." For the last week I have done very little apart from working away on my computer to bring you what I hope will be very interesting, informative and fun videos! But with us back on the road tomorrow there will be lots of tweets and facebook updates if you'd like to follow our journey.

Musically and performance-wise there were such a great cross section of talent at the Bluesfest festival. Some of my personal highlights were: Newton Faulkner, Gorgol Bordello, Carney, Ozomatli, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Roger Hodgson, The Swell Season, Dan Sultan and a surprise performance by Poor Man's Whiskey's next to the food court.... don't worry we have it on video! 

Overall at BluesFest we were very fortunate to get up close and personal with a number of amazing musicians (via the photographers pit and artist tent) and even score a couple of unplanned interviews thanks to the amazing efforts of Jules... I owe you some drinks and dinner! In total we had 14 artist interviews, more then 4 hours of live performance footage from the crowd and photographers pit, plus a few hours of random footage from inside a handbag, and of course video of general festival mayhem.

As I'm sure you'll understand there's a lot to go through so it's good that I'm very passionate about video editing and all that production malarchy. So the first set of interviews features the talents of Carney, Zee Avi, Matt Costa and Neil Halstead. Each of these videos are set to go live on the My World Tour YouTube profile very soon so watch this space! Check out a few screen grabs from the videos below.


[Top Left: Carney;  Top Right: Matt Costa & Bec Clark; Bottom Left: Zee Avi & StereoDan; Bottom Right: Neil Halstead]

So aside from the obvious thrill and excitement of interviewing bands, taking photos and listening to live music, what made the festival a valuable experience for me was some of the people I met. I was lucky to chance across some really interesting and genuine people (Mark, Cass, Bindy, Larry, Stu, Jules, Natasha, Mitch, Ty, to name just a few) who I felt like I clicked with and could have genuine banter with.  Already I've met up with a few of them and I'm sure we'll be great friends into the future!

So I'll be checking back into this blog soon to keep you updated but rest assured there's plenty more great videos, photos, behind the scenes madness and blogs to come.

See you in a crowded music festival real soon!


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