Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bluesfest Day Five Review

Yet another inspiring performance from Carney set the tone for our final day at Bluesfest. This festival had gone WAY too quickly!

Following this was an amazing set by our very own Dan Sultan who was joined on stage by six other performers including back up singers that doubled as a brass section. He’s so country and he’s so charming. I only managed to catch a few songs but I did get Fear of Flying and should have heard the applause after Sultan sang the line “Just seventeen hundred K’s away, we wont be stopping till’ Byron Bay…”

(Dan Sultan. Photo: Reebajeeb)

Last night I overhead racket coming from Caba Caba Ray stage which I desperately wanted to be a part of. It was Barons of Tang and they were playing again today so I headed over to suss them out. These guys were a colourful motley crew of seven who’s instruments’ were just as mixed, including the first bass clarinet I had seen all festival. Man I had seen some strange contraptions this weekend. Personally the chick on percussion made the set for me – SUCH a good entertainer and clearly loving what she did. Their set was tango pop and a hell of a lot of fun.

(Barons of Tang. Photo: Reebajeeb)

Next up, the beautiful brother and sister folk duo from Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Angus and Julia Stone. The stage was washed with warm lighting and a paisley backdrop. Finishing touches of furniture, lamps and family photos gave us the feeling of having been invited into their living room for an intimate performance. Far from private the Mojo stage was packed. Julia came on first followed by Angus who slinked ever so timidly on stage, hands in pockets. Opening with And the Boys, Angus then greeted us with a brief "hello". I could only catch a few tracks, including For You an honest yet melancholy ode to Julia’s ex, before heading off to help out Dan with his Dan Sultan interview.

They are about to embark on a massive world tour but when they are back I’m getting myself along to a show! They were honestly magical and an act you NEED to see!

(Angus and Julia Stone. Photo: Stereodan)

Racing back to Crossroads stage after the interview I had just missed 99.9% of Taj Mahal’s set, only catching his last few breaths before walking off stage. Devo. With recommendations coming from just about everyone I had spoken to (thanks Baaarooke!) I had to see Gogol Bordello. They’re Gypsy, they’re punk and they started a mosh pit – wicked.

With seven members on stage their performance was a frenzied circus of colour, dance and character. Each track blended into the next with lead singer Eugine Hutz barely stopping for a breath. Based in New York but with members hailing from places such as the Ukraine, Israel and even Ethiopia, Gogol Bordello is a must see act and is easily in my top three live acts EVER.

(Gogol Bordello. Photo: Stereodan)

Our night ended with The Fray who were good if you’re a fan of their stuff but in my opinion were not overly spectacular. Playing hits like "You Found Me," "How to Save a Life," "Never Say Never" and "Look After You" there is no denying the vocal ability of lead singer Isaac Slade. After about 40 minutes the pop/rock quartet from Denver Colorado left the stage, only to be invited back for an extremely drawn out encore.

(Isaac Slade. Photo: Stereodan)


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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you loved them! They really are a powerhouse live :)